CLAM-2000 Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS

Seamless Integration of CLAM-2000 with LC-MS/MS Allows Hands-Free Operation Sample Pretreatment to Analysis Automatically

User-Friendly Experimental Design and Execution

Depending on the samples being analyzed, operations involve two simple steps - placing the vacutainer tubes and reagents in the system and then requesting the desired sample analyses in the software. Using a touch panel display, the CLAM-2000 interface was designed to make LCMS sample preparation and analysis accessible to all users, regardless of the level of experience. The CLAM-2000 offers a next-generation workflow for routine LC-MS/MS analysis that helps ensure reliable and rapid operations.

examples of analysis windows

Advanced options for displaying, reporting, and managing data results can be easily accessed through the CLAM-2000 software by linking to LabSolutions. Note: An optional LCD screen can be installed for monitoring LCMS analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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