Metabolites Method Package Suite

Provides ready-to-use methods for over 1900 metabolites

Metabolites Method Package Suite

This suite allows comprehensive analysis of over 1900 metabolites without the need for investigation of separation conditions, MRM optimization or parameter settings. The range of metabolites spans both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, including amino acids, short-chain fatty acids, sugars, nucleotides, bile acids, and lipids. The suite consists of five LC/MS/MS Method Packages including ready-to-use methods for the LCMS-8050/8060 series, the LC/MS/MS MRM Library for Phospholipid Profiling, the Smart Metabolites Database™ for GC/MS(GC/MS/MS), and a Multi-omics Analysis Package. 

The Multi-omics Analysis Package included in this product supports not only regular analysis but also large volume data analysis and interpretation. The Multi-omics Analysis Package includes metabolic pathways and other contour maps corresponding to the Method Packages. This makes it easy to visualize fluctuations in the quantitative values of metabolites across metabolic pathways. Data filtering functions and statistical analysis can be applied to the network of compound relationships, providing a total solution for metabolite analysis.

Metabolites Method Package Suite = A total solution from analysis to interpretation



Method Selection and Registered Compounds

To start analysis without an investigation of measurement conditions, select a method suited to the analysis aims and the relevant compounds. Protocols are also included for extraction from biological tissue, plasma, and feces, as well as derivatization and other pretreatments.


Method Selection and Registered Compounds


Example Analysis:
Intestinal Flora Research

Recently the analysis of metabolites in the field of intestinal flora has expanded in scope. Comprehensive analysis includes not only general primary metabolites, but D-amino acids and other chiral molecules as well as lipids and bile acids. Measurements of mouse feces using this product can detect 554 compounds, as shown in the table.

Number of compounds detected by each method

LCMS Primary Metabolites PFPP Method: 71
Ion Pair Method: 35
GCMS Primary Metabolites 132 compounds
DL Amino Acids D-Amino Acids: 17
L-Amino Acids: 21
Short-Chain Fatty Acids 14 compounds
Bile Acids 14 compounds
Lipid Mediators 61 compounds
Phospholipids 189 compounds

Multi-omics Analysis Package

With the included Multi-omics Analysis Package, it is possible to display quantitative fluctuations in metabolites on a metabolic map, and to visualize relationships between metabolites.

Quantitative fluctuations in metabolic pathways - Visualization of relationships between metabolites


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Total Solution for Metabolomic Analysis of Endogenous Metabolites Using Exact Mass Database

Total Solution for Metabolomic Analysis of Endogenous Metabolites Using Exact Mass Database PDF

Metabolomics can target metabolites with a wide range of physical properties. Because of this, a comprehensive analysis of metabolites requires an analytical method and database suited to the target metabolites. This technical report describes the LC/Q-TOF exact mass database for endogenous metabolites and describes an example of applying this database as part of a total solution ranging from untargeted metabolomics on a Q-TOF LC-MS system to high-sensitivity widely targeted metabolomics on a triple quadrupole LC-MS system for analyzing metabolites in an iPS cell culture medium.

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