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HPLC columns and instrument consumables represent an investment in good analytical results and are vital for producing accurate, reliable data.  Proper care of these items will extend their lifetime, reducing instrument failures and operation costs of the lab.

A common mistake made by inexperienced HPLC users is to turn on the full HPLC system without allowing the column to heat up to its operating temperature first.  The pressure generated by pumping through a cold column generates high pressure, damaging the column and reducing the consumable lifetime.  This effect is especially severe to sensitive columns like those used in Size Exclusion and Gel Permeation (SEC/GPC) techniques.

Without Flow Pilot

Without Flow Pilot

Shimadzu’s Nexera LC-40 addresses these issues by incorporating the Flow Pilot, an intelligent feature that heats and equilibrates the instrument following good chromatography practices without the user’s intervention.  Use of this feature will preserve column and consumables lifetime by preventing pressure shocks to the HPLC.

Flow Pilot starts by slowly increasing the flow rate of the pumps to half of the method maximum as the column heats.  This slow increase stops pressure shocks to the column which may disturb the bed and impact the chromatography.  Holding at half of the set flow rate as the column heats starts the equilibration process but prevents an artificially high system pressure from damaging the column or consumables.

Once the column has reached the set temperature the pumps will increase to the method flow rate, preparing the system for the analysis.

With Flow Pilot

With Flow Pilot

Contact Shimadzu to find out more about the new Flow Pilot feature of the Nexera LC-40!


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