Nexera-e Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatograph

Comprehensive Chromatography

2D Qualitative & Quantitative analysis using Contour Graphics

Acquired data is converted to two-dimensional contour plotting using ChromSquare, the software for comprehensive 2D-LC analysis. A peak on chromatogram is recognized as spot on the contour plot. The qualitative and quantitative data processing are performed for the target spot.

lcxlcms data analysis of standard phospholipid sample

LC×LC/MS data analysis of standard phospholipid sample

(upper left: Contour plot (magnified view); lower left: MS spectrum; upper right: Second-dimensional chromatogram; lower right: Contour plot (general view))

An MS spectrum is displayed in real time along with a mouse pointer. For example, the compound-specific spot can be easily identified based on its MS spectrum. In addition, a calibration curve for quantitative analysis can be calculated for each compound based on the contour spot.

ms spectrum of the entire contour spot area

MS spectrum of the entire contour spot area (red lines) and MS spectrum of individual data points (blue lines)

Calibration curve


ChromSquare is a product of Chromaleont S.r.l., Italy.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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