Nexera Quaternary HPLC/UHPLC System

Enables Four-solvent, Low-pressure Gradient Analysis


An economical option for gradient analysis is a quaternary HPLC system with a single pump and valve to mix up to four solvents. The Nexera quaternary system operates at analytical to semi-prep flows (max. 10 mL/min) and throughout the HPLC and UHPLC pressure range, up to 19,000 psi, with no compromises in gradient performance. The quaternary valve also functions as a solvent selector which adds different solvent ratios for pH or mobile phase modifier adjustment. When 2 pumps each with a quaternary valve are configured, the resulting high pressure binary gradient lets the analyst select from any of the 4 solvents in each pump, creating an automatic method development system with 16 mobile phase pairs. The flexibility of the Nexera quaternary system as a standalone gradient pump, solvent blender, or solvent selector for method development makes it an ideal choice to support the varying needs of a fast-paced R&D environment.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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