Nexera Series Technology

Ultra-Low Carryover with SIL-40

Nexera HPLC SIL-40 Autosampler

What is carryover?

  • Previously injected sample that elutes upon subsequent analyses due to chemical/physical characteristics of the sample, analysis system or both.
  • Reducing carryover increases recoveries, reduces LLOQs, and yields better quantitative repeatability.

What causes carryover?

  • Sample adsorption to a material in the flow path.
  • Dead spaces in the flow path.
  • Chemical compatibility issues.

How does Shimadzu keep getting better?

  • Continued engineering refinement of the injection flow path
  • Choice of manufacturing materials

ultra-low carryover

High Throughput – Speed and Sample Capacity


  • High Sample Capacity – Up to 3 plate changers may be used for ~17,000 samples
  • Fast Injection speed – 7.8 seconds in flow injection analysis
  • Automated Sample prep


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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