SIL-10AF / SIL-10AP Autosampler

Autosampler for VP Series HPLC System

HPLC System Stack

As HPLC applications continue to diversify, flexibility in sample injection is vital. Users want a system with a wide range of features to handle normal analysis to semi-preparative applications. Instruments that can be used not only for sample injection but for sample preparation as well, with higher analytical throughput, are essential for analysts. In order to meet such user requirements, 2 new models, the SIL-I0AF and the SIL-I0AP, have been added to the Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromatograph LC-VP series autosampler lineup.


SIL-10AF features
Sample injection time is only 40 seconds for a 10µL injection. When flow line rinsing after injection is included, the unit is ready for the next injection in about 2 minutes. As a result, high throughput repeat analysis is possible, and sample preparations such as dilution and mixing can be performed rapidly. As well as being a multi-purpose autosampler, it is also capable of high speed sample injection. In particular, the time required for sample preparation such as dilution and mixing has been shortened substantially. Furthermore, sample processing capability is greatly enhanced since two 96-well titer plates (standard and deep-well) can be used. Injection repeatability, essential for quantitative analysis, is excellent, producing highly reliable analytical results.


SIL-10AP features
Injection of samples up to 5mL is possible in its standard setup. For this reason, this autosampler is suitable for preparative LCs and sample enrichment systems. Exhibiting high performance in linearity and, repeatability, its quantitative capability is excellent when injecting both large and small volumes.


SIL-10AF/SIL-10AP common features
Flexibly adapts to a variety of applications

  • Sample vials ranging from microtiter plates to 13mL vials are supported*, and can be used in a wide range of applications from analytical to semi-preparative work.
  • Syringe measured injection, a fixed volume loop injection which minimizes cross-contamination and has excellent repeatability.
  • Flexibility to sample preparation by utilizing dilution and reagent addition routines.

* The settable range of injection volumes with the SIL-10AF is 1-50µL. Using the options this can be changed to 1-400µL, 1-2000µL, 1-5000µL
* The settable range of injection volumes with the SIL-10AP is 1-5000µL. The 13mL vial rack (which allows 25 vials to be set) is standard equipment. It can be changed to SIL-10AF specifications using the options.


Category SIL-10AF SIL-10AP
Sample Injection System Variable sample injection system (fixed loop injection is possible as well)
Settable Range of Injection Volumes Standard: 1-50µL (1mL increments)
Option: 1-400µL1, 1-2000µL2, 1-5000µL3
Standard: 1-5000µL (1mL increments)
Option: 1-400µL1, 1-2000µL2
Sample Processing Capability 100 (using rack S), 80 (using rack L), 192 (using rack MTP2), 25 (using rack LL)
Sample Vial 7 types, made of either glass or polypropylene
Number of Injections 1-30 times per sample (varies with sample)
Setting of Analysis Time 0.01 - 9999.9 (0.01 minute increments)
Needle Cleaning Inside and outside of needle cleaned with the rinse port
Injection Repeatability RSD: 1.0% (for shortened injection operation)
RSD: 0.5% (for SIL-10A compatible injection operation)
<10µL injection, under specific conditions>
<1mL injection, under specific conditions>
Operating pH Range pH 1-10
Sampling Pretreatment Yes
Sample Cooling Sample Cooler S (60 Samples), Sample Cooler L (50 Samples)
Maximum Pressure 34.3MPa
Wetted Surface Material SUS316, ceramics, vespel, others
Size, weight Main Unit: 260 (W) x 150 (D) x 280 (H) mm, 18.5kg, Syringe Unit: 160 (W) x 150 (D) x 280 (H), 4kg
Power Requirements AC 100V/120V/230V, 100VA, 50/60Hz

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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