Improvement of lab productivity and operational efficiency using IoT / M2M

In the wake of the Coronavirus global pandemic, environmental laboratories faced the challenge of maintaining operations under critical conditions while ensuring the safety of employees. Under these circumstances, in order to continue daily operations and analytical work (including tasks such as management of consumables, periodic inspections, and troubleshooting protocols in the event of instrument’ malfunction or failure), emerging workflows in which operators externally access the analytical data system in a lab through a VPN connection, process data on the server, and create reports have become a necessity. In response to these issues, M2M (machine-to- machine) technology, which enables machines and information systems to exchange information with each other without human intervention, has been applied, allowing personnel to remotely monitor the operating status of instruments and to manage both the instruments and consumables from an external location. Even if instrument’s malfunction occurs, the downtime can be reduced by performing a preliminary diagnosis remotely and performing appropriate repairs. Using tools such as IoT (internet-of-things) / AI (Analytical Intelligence), it is possible to improve traditional laboratory operations. In this presentation, we will discuss the use of IoT/M2M technology to improve lab productivity and operational efficiency in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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