Trace and Major Elements Analysis of Environmental Samples Using EPA 6020B

Solid and liquid wastes from different commercial and industrial facilities contaminate our water and land and affect the environment. EPA method 6020B is a guidance method for the analysis of water and waste samples using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) included in the SW-846 (Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Wastes: Physical/Chemical Methods Compendium). Here, we present the performance demonstration of the Shimadzu ICPMS-2030 equipped with CETAC autosampler for the analysis of 19 elements in soil samples in accordance with method 6020B. This configuration provides high capacity and throughput for automatic analysis of hundreds of samples. The obtained results demonstrate that the Shimadzu ICPMS-2030 provides excellent sensitivity, precision, accuracy, tolerance, and fast response to meet and exceed quality assurance criteria outlined in EPA 6020B.

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Elemental Analysis / Atomic Spectroscopy (AA, ICP, ICPMS)
trace elements, epa, 6020b, sw-846, Environmental, ICMPS-2030
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