AXIMA Confidence Linear/Reflectron MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

High Sensitivity & Performance

Simple, Reliable MS/MS

  • Near-axis laser irradiation with a 50Hz variable repetition rate N2 laser
  • Patented improved curved field reflectron
  • Mass range 1-500kDa in linear mode; 1-80kDa in reflectron mode
  • Mass resolution 5000 FWHM (ACTH 18-39) in linear mode; 15000 FWHM (ACTH 7-38) in reflectron mode
  • Sensitivity 500 amol (Glu-fibrinopeptide) in reflectron mode
  • Mass accuracy <10ppm in reflectron mode with internal calibration
  • Precursor ion resolution >200 FWHM
  • Seamless MS/MS utilizing PSD
  • Flexible target formats - ranging from 48 well microscope slide format targets to 384 well microtitre plate targets

AXIMA systems are fully supported throughout their lifetime using sophisticated Web-based service diagnostics and the capability of real-time remote monitoring. A wide range of service contracts are available, catering to all budgets and requirements, including IQ/OQ environments.

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