AGX-V2 Series - Features

AUTOGRAPH Precision Universal Tester

Designed for Versatility


Shimadzu’s proprietary controller unit is equipped with two processors (CPU) and three engine control units (ECU). The controller utilizes a precise timing design to provide 1 kHz high response crosshead control and 10 kHz high-speed data sampling through high-level simultaneous parallel processing. This allows for an array of communications, measurements, and control functions across multiple devices.


Leave Strain Rate Control to the Machine by Utilizing New Autotuning

Precise Strain Control

To ensure high-accuracy control even in noisy and highly disturbed conditions, our Universal Testing Instrument comes equipped with a new high-level autotuning feature. This feature uses all measurement values, not just feedback values, in its calculations for real-time updates of the control model. This ensures precise testing control and real-time control in the most demanding applications.

Widest Load Cell Range

We have increased the guaranteed test force accuracy range to 1/2000 for an even wider range of data reliability. Plus, many tests that previously required multiple load cell replacements can now be performed by a single load cell, reducing replacement procedures and calibration expenses.

Maximum number of sensor inputs

Synchronized Data Across Multiple Devices

With the ability to expand input ports to 20 channels and select analog input units, counter units, strain gauge units, it's now easier to acquire more data without a data logger. Our load cell, extensometer, and external input ports are synchronized, allowing all channels to be sampled simultaneously. This results in improved accuracy and reliability of the elastic modulus and other data calculated using two or more measurement values.


Intelligent Crosshead


The AGX-V2 features multiple safety functions that prevent accidents and damage to the machine. The intelligent crosshead always recognizes its current position and issues an impact warning and an automatic stop if the jigs get too close due to an operational error. Additionally, the machine status is monitored even when the crosshead is moved with the safety cover open, and an emergency stop is triggered if the machine detects test force changes due to contact with jigs or hands. Finally, an overload detection function stops the crosshead automatically if a test force exceeds the load cell capacity, reducing the risk of load cell damage from overloads during the jog operation and during testing.

Improved Efficiency

Voice Operation Device

Voice operation device xv-talk

The AGX-V2 is equipped with XV-talk, a digital autograph assistant that comes as a standard feature. With this innovative feature, the test frame can now respond to a series of key phrases spoken by the operator, freeing them from performing repetitive tasks and saving valuable time during the testing process.


Strain Sensor Amplifier

The strain sensor amplifier has the capability to directly receive signals from the bridge box and synchronize them with other measurements in TrapeziumX-V software. This eliminates the requirement for an external amplifier and data logger.

All Jigs Are Easily Connected

The multi joint that connects jigs to load cells facilitates effortless switching between tensile, compression, and bending tests. There is no longer a need to replace heavy joints since a small-capacity load cell can be directly connected. Tests using small-capacity load cells can now be performed with a large-capacity load cell attached as is.


All Jigs are Easily Connected

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