SALD-2300 Particle Size Analyzer

Fast, efficient characterization of nanometer to millimeter-sized particles

SALD-2300 Particle Size Analyzer


The gracefully-designed Wing Sensor allows for efficient and accurate detection of scattered light in the forward direction. Sensors positioned on the side and behind the sample can detect light scattered by smaller particles. This sensor arrangement ensures that a wide size range of particles can be measured.

Wing Sensor

The SALD-MS23 Sampler Unit allows users to either manually or automatically control solvent filling, dilution, sonication, and rinsing. A powerful pump allows for materials as dense as stainless steel balls to be circulated. Most importantly, the construction of the SALD-MS23 does not limit the measurement range of the SALD-2300.

SALD-2300 Instrument and Function Diagram

The SALD-BC23 Batch Cell is a compact, cost-effective accessory for measuring particle size with the SALD-2300. The included solvent-resistant quartz cell with a PTFE funnel provides flexibility for different sample suspensions and formulations. Its 12 mL sample volume ensures that measurements can be performed even when only small amounts of sample are available. A vertical stirrer to prevent sedimentation of heavier particles is also included.

SALD-BC23 Batch Cell

The SALD-DS5 provides several different modes for measuring dry, as-is samples. The One-Shot mode allows for a small amount of material to be placed into a hopper and suctioned across the laser beam by pressing an ejector button. This mode is desirable when only a small amount of material is available. The Hand-Shot mode is best used to measure powders out of a beaker, bag, or other container. The suction nozzle can be placed directly into the container and material is sampled once the hand switch is pressed. The Cyclone-Type measurement is a computer-controlled mode where the sampling speed and air pressure are controlled through the WingSALD II software. Upon starting the measurement, a combination of suction and rotation of the sampler unit creates a “cyclone” effect that shears and disperses materials to reduce agglomeration. The combination of dispersion and computer control allows for better reproducibility in measurements. Transfer of all material to a dust collector downstream from the instrument makes waste disposal simple.

Measurement Modes Diagram

The SALD-HC23 High Concentration Cell is a unique accessory that allows for measurement of pastes, creams, and slurries without dilution. While it is common to suspend samples in large amounts of solvent prior to measurement during particle size measurements, there are occasions where this dilution can cause fundamental changes in the particle size. With the High Concentration Cell, samples can be deposited as-is into a pair of glass slides and measured. The small path length between the slides reduces the chances that multiple scattering can adversely affect the measurement.

Sample Cell Holder and Measurement Diagrams

While Shimadzu provides several sample slide designs to allow for known volumes to be deposited, standard disposable microscope slides can also be used. This feature means that accurate and reliable data can be obtained on as-is samples in an economical fashion.

Sample Cell Holder and Measurement Diagrams

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