SALD-7500 Particle Size Analyzer

Tailored towards real-time, submicron particle characterization

SALD-7500 Particle Size Analyzer



The Scattered Light Intensity Trace (SLIT) optical system, combined with the robust single laser system, allows for high-resolution measurements in the fine particle range. Discontinuities that can arise from the use of multiple lasers are avoided, and reliable data can be obtained using a single measurement principle. Light diffraction of up to a 60° scattering angle can be determined.

Scattered Light Intensity Trace (SLIT) Optical System Diagram

The Wing Sensor II, a next-generation iteration of the efficient, gracefully-designed Wing Sensor, provides 78 forward-scattering detector elements to fully capture the range of scattered light. Additionally, five back-scatter detectors and one side-scatter detector are also present, giving a total of 84 detector elements to capture particle sizes spanning up to 6 orders of magnitude in size.

Wing Sensor II

Time-saving sampler unit: SALD-MS75

The SALD-MS75 Sampler Unit reduces cleaning time and improves reproducibility by providing an in-line sonicator and automatic fill, drain, and dilution capabilities. A powerful pump system allows for dense materials to be properly circulated in the solvent. Both PC and manual control of the Sampler Unit are possible to allow for flexibility and customizable control of experiments.

SALD-MS75 Sampler Unit

Measurement Unit and Sampler Diagram

Cost-effective, sample-conserving unit: SALD-BC75 Batch Cell

The SALD-BC75 Batch Cell gives users with limited amounts of sample the ability to still obtain reliable particle size information. The efficient construction of the quartz batch cell allows for volumes as low as 5 cm3 to be measured. The included vertical stirrer prevents sedimentation of the sample keeps particles in the laser path. Additionally, the stirring motion can be used to induce aggregation in certain samples, allowing for real-time monitoring of this phenomenon.

SALD-BC75 Batch Cell Diagram

The SALD-HC75 High Concentration Cell is a unique accessory that allows for measurement of pastes, creams, and slurries without dilution. By measuring these samples as-is, accurate information can be obtained about their properties. Under normal circumstances, the measurement of highly concentrated materials results in a phenomenon known as multiple scattering, which provides misleading results. By reducing the path length of these concentrated materials, for example, by placing them in between glass slides instead of a flow cell, multiple scattering can be eliminated and correct results can be obtained.

SALD-HC75 High Concentration Cell Diagram

Shimadzu offers several sample slide designs to allow for known volumes to be deposited. However, standard disposable microscope slides can also be used. This feature means that accurate and reliable data can be obtained on as-is samples in an economical fashion.

Glass Sample Plate Comparison Table

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