ASC-7000 Autosampler
Featuring Advanced Sample Pretreatment Functions

ASC-7000 Autosampler
The ASC-7000 can be used for both flame and graphite furnace analysis. The standard ASC-7000 is designed for flame analysis. The ASK-6100 accessory sampler kit in conjunction with the ASC-7000 can be utilized for graphite furnace analysis. A single sample tray is used for both flame and furnace analysis.


Automatic mixing of dilution, reagent, and matrix modifiers
  • Permits a large working calibration range from a single stock solution
  • Samples, diluent, reagent and matrix modifier vials can be specified as desired
Automatic Sample Concentration in Furnace
  • For ultra low-level analysis, up to 20 sample concentration cycles are possible
Random Access
Auto Dilution and Reanalysis
Multi-point Calibration Curve from a Single Standard
Commercial pipette tips are supported (graphite furnace analysis)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.