Columns for HPLC

Shimadzu offers three types of Shim-pack XR columns, providing a pressure tolerance of 35 MPa (XR-SIL is 20 MPa), 60 MPa or 100 MPa. The XR-ODS (-C8, -Phenyl, -SIL) enables ultra-fast analysis, even with conventional systems. The XR-ODS II aims for further resolution and ease of use. And the XR-ODS III achieves even shorter analysis times than the conventional XR column, while maintaining resolution. By offering a diverse choice of columns, Shimadzu is able to provide an ultra-fast analysis environment for a wide range of applications.

Shim-pack XR-ODS III

UHPLC packed column

Adding to the Shim-pack XR-ODS column family is the Shim-pack XR ODS III, an ultra-high speed analysis column with a pressure resistance of 100 MPa. Offering shorter analysis times while maintaining high resolution, this column is available in packing particle sizes of 1.6 µm and 2.2 µm. The smaller, sub 2 µm particle size of the packing material results in high separation, with a shorter length and higher flow rate, that can reduce the analysis time to approximately 1/20th of conventional analysis (5 µm packing material). The Shim-pack XR-ODS III with 2.2 µm packing material achieves ultra-high separation. Combine these columns with the Nexera X2 to achieve ultra-high-speed analysis that easily meets the demands of both high speeds and high separation.

Shim-pack XR-ODS II

The Shim-pack XR-ODS II column has been developed to provide high speed and ultra-high resolution while utilizing high viscosity mobile phases such as methanol and water. The pressure resistance of the Shim Pack XR-ODS II is 60 MPa with a 2.2 µm particle packing size. Coupled with a Prominence UFLCxr system, this column is ideal for multi-component analysis.

Shim-pack XR-ODS

The Shim-pack XR-ODS column provides both high-speed and high-resolution analysis without requiring an HPLC system exclusively designed for operation under especially high pressures. The Shim-pack XR-ODS column has a 2.2 µm particle size packing which will greatly shorten the analysis time by up to 1/5th that of a general-purpose column (5 µm particle size) while maintaining the resolution.

Shim Pack XR-C8/Phenyl/SIL

The Shim-pack XR-C8, Phenyl, and SIL use similar 2.2 µm column packing material like the Shim-pack XR-ODS. They are high-speed separation columns with excellent overall balance as related to separation performance, durability, column pressure, etc. In addition, the flow resistance is low, so high-speed analysis can be performed in existing HPLC instruments.

Shim-pack XR-C8 and Shim-pack XR-Phenyl have different retention characteristics than Shim-pack XR-ODS, so they can be used for a wide range of applications. These include separation of components that are difficult with ODS or for faster analysis using the different retention characteristics. Lastly, Shim-pack XR-SIL enables very high-speed analysis in normal phase applications and the reduction of solvent.


Stationary Phase Name of Column Particle Size Pore Size Pressure Column Length 1.5 mm ID 2.0 mm ID 3.0 mm ID 4.6 mm ID
ODS Shim Pack XR-ODS III 1.6 µm 8 nm 100 MPa 50 mm 228-59922-91
75 mm 228-59922-92
2.2 µm 150 mm 228-59910-91
200 mm 228-59910-92
Shim Pack XR-ODS II 60 MPa 30 mm 228-59907-91
50 mm 228-59907-92 228-41623-94
75 mm 228-59907-93 225-41623-91 228-41624-91
100 mm 228-59907-94 228-41623-92 228-41624-92
150 mm 228-59907-95 228-41623-93 228-41624-93
Shim Pack XR-ODS 12 nm 35 MPa 30 mm 228-41605-91 228-41606-91 228-41607-91
50 mm 228-41605-92 228-41606-92 228-41607-92
75 mm 228-41605-93 228-41606-93 228-41607-93
100 mm 228-41605-94 228-41606-94 228-41607-94
C8 Shim Pack XR-C8 30 mm 228-59901-91 228-59902-91
50 mm 228-59901-92 228-59902-92
75 mm 228-59901-93 228-59902-93
100 mm 228-59901-94 228-59902-94
Phenyl Shim Pack XR-Phenyl 30 mm 228-59903-91 228-59904-91

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