Hyper Vision HPV-X2 High-Speed Video Camera
Ultra-high-speed Video Recording of Up to 10 Million FPS

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Hyper Vision HPV-X2

  • Recording speed of 10 million frames/second, the highest in its class
  • Larger, clearer, high-sensitivity recording
  • Equipped with synchronized recording function, and high-level analytical capabilities that accommodate a variety of software programs

Visualization Technology Is One of the Driving Forces Behind Progress in Science and Technology

Medical science and engineering have made dramatic progress thanks to visualization technology. Examples include the invention of microscopes capable of enlarged observations of phenomena occurring in the microscopic domain, invisible to the human eye, X-ray inspection systems, which enable the observation of images utilizing light at imperceptible wavelengths, and infrared cameras.
Our eyes are incapable of capturing phenomena occurring at times shorter than 50 to 100 ms. As a result, high-speed video cameras have become necessary in order to record phenomena occurring at intervals that cannot be seen with the human eye, and then replay them at a slower rate so that they can be visualized.
As the standard tool for visualizing ultra high-speed domains, the Hyper Vision high-speed video camera contributes to our understanding of ultra high-speed phenomena in a variety of fields.

Numerous Subjects of Observation Requiring Time Resolution of One Millionth of a Second or Less

Visualization technology, based on the high-speed recording and slow motion replay of phenomena via a high-speed video camera, is widely used in a variety of fields.
The following are examples of fields requiring high-speed observation, requiring time resolution of one millionth of a second or less.
Aerospace Equipment

• Airflow in wind tunnel tests
• High-speed impact tests for aerospace materials
• The behavior of high-speed flying objects
• The generation and propagation of shockwaves
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• The behavior of plasma in plasma generators
• Observation of the failure process of semiconductor devices
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• The failure behavior of automotive body materials
• The combustion process in engines
• The injection process in fuel injection equipment
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Industrial Equipment

• Observation of the machining process in welding equipment and machining equipment
• Operation error analysis of manufacturing equipment
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Advanced Medical Equipment

• The drug release process in drug delivery systems
• The generation and disappearance process of microbubbles, which are utilized for sterilization and ultrasound diagnosis
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Raw Materials and Other Materials

• The process of manufacturing nanomaterials through atomization
• The denaturing process of metals

Consumer Electronics

• The inkjet ink discharge process
• The failure process of smartphone glass
• The behavior of MEMS devices used in projectors
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Sports Equipment

• Motion analysis
• Development of sports equipment

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.