LabSolutions Insight Software for Mass Spectrometry

Multi-Analyte Software for Faster Quantitative Analysis and Higher Productivity
labSolutions Insight
Due to increasingly sophisticated automation, large quantities of high-quality mass spectrometer data are obtained day and night. However, checking and analyzing all that data can be extremely time-consuming, which significantly decreases the efficiency of research and investigation work. Therefore, Shimadzu offers LabSolutions Insight multi-analyte quantitation software for GC-MS and LC-MS/MS to help analyze data more conveniently and more efficiently.

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LabSolutions Insight couples well with our other Databases and Method Packages used in both GC-MS and LC-MS/MS. With its flag-based labeling, filtering, and peak comparison, LabSolutions Insight’s functions provide powerful support for analyzing multi-analyte multi-component data and are especially beneficial in the areas of food safety, forensic toxicology, cannabis, and clinical research.


  • Displays data in a format that enables intuitive operation and accommodates multiple user working environments
  • Flag-based labeling and filtering allows users to only review outliers, known as review by exception
  • Flexible searching, filtering, and sorting
  • Additional features for LC-MS/MS include: Bi-directional communication via HL7 and library screening to display qualitative data

flag-based color coding is applied to quantitation

If multiple computers are used to analyze multi-analyte data, LabSolutions Insight does not need to be installed on all computers. As long as the computers are connected via a network, client computers without LabSolutions Insight can be used for data analysis.

labSolutions insight sample lab setup and network setup

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.