LCMS-IT-TOF Mass Spectrometer
Designed for Component Identification and Characterization Studies


Coupling atmospheric pressure ionization with Ion-Trap (IT) and Time-of-Flight (TOF) technologies, the quadrupole ion trap-time of flight MS system delivers high mass accuracy and high mass resolution (10,000 at 1000 m/z) independent of MS mode. It delivers information-rich spectra for component identification faster than any other hybrid mass spectrometer. This enables scientists to work with greater confidence in a diverse range of research fields including natural products/nutraceuticals, biomarker discovery, and impurities identification.

The LCMS-IT-TOF has been designed to maximize sensitivity and selectivity by optimizing the ion transport to the TOF analyzer and redefining the capability of the quadrupole ion trap. The ion trap is used to focus ions before ejection into the TOF as well as supporting MSn analysis with effective precursor ion selection capabilities (resolution > 1,000 at 1,000 m/z).

The LCMS-IT-TOF allows more qualitative information about a sample to be collected in a single run, enabling researchers and scientists to:

  • Elucidate structures of new molecules
  • Identify impurities and contaminants
  • Analyze metabolites and biomarkers to evaluate biological pathways
  • Predict accurate structural details
  • Obtain high-sensitivity detection of low concentration samples

To accomplish these objectives, the LCMS-IT-TOF incorporates a host of technologies and enhancements, including:

High-speed Ion Polarity Switching

Utilizing a newly developed, accurate and stable power supply, in combination with an innovative high-voltage switch, allows for polarity switching in only 0.1 sec or less.

Polarity Switching

Compressed Ion Injection™ (CII) (patented)

The CII method makes it possible to control the accumulation of ions before they are introduced into the ion trap. Adopted for the LCMS-IT-TOF, it effectively couples the LC system to the MS, dramatically increasing sensitivity.

Ballistic Ion Extraction (BIE) (patented)

The use of BIE accelerates ions into the TOF instantly, and combined with the Dual-Stage Reflectron (DSR) (patented), achieves faster, more stable, and higher resolution spectra.

Temperature Control of the Flight Tube

In concert with the localized ion due to BIE from the QIT and the 10bit high-speed transient recorder, the temperature control mechanism of the flight tube enables extended stability in mass accuracy.

Formula Predictor Software

In addition to mass accuracy and isotope fitting routines, this tool also uses MSn data, effectively reducing the number of possible candidates.

Formula Predictor

Metabolite Profiling Software

Quickly extracts and compares data obtained from complex biological samples, and then links them with identifications.

Protein Analysis Software

Generates information-rich MS/MS spectra to help identify proteins. Simply set the peak-list generation and database search parameters for automated protein identification, and quickly link the data to a MASCOT search

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.