Nexera UHPLC Low Pressure Gradient Unit

The low-pressure gradient unit offers both a quaternary gradient, which is often used in conventional analysis, and flexible solvent selection in the method development process. In conjunction with the release of the low-pressure gradient unit, Shimadzu has increased the flow rate range of the LC-30AD pump to 10 mL/min. The flexible modular design and addition of a quaternary low-pressure gradient expand the application range from routine analysis and research study to method development.


Enables use of a quaternary gradient with a single pump
Achieves solvent delivery at a maximum pressure of 130 MPa. In addition, since only a single solvent deliver unit is used, it saves both initial and running costs.
Enables the blending of 4 solvents in any combination
Saves time on pre-blending of solvents and prevents waste of solvent by over-preparation of pre-blended solvents.
Excellent retention time repeatability
The excellent solvent delivery performance provides a high level of retention time reproducibility in both high-pressure and low-pressure gradient configurations.
4-solvent selection valve configuration
Installing the low-pressure gradient unit into four Nexera LC-30AD pumps allows for solvent switching of 16 solvents. The flow-selection concept enables enhanced efficiency in routine analysis by multiple methods and in method development processes.
Nexera UHPLC Low Pressure Gradient

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.