Micro Sample Holder
Revolutionary 16 and 8 Cell Micro Sample Holder

Micro Sample Holder
Micro-Multicell Holder
Now you can analyze 16 samples at a time, with as little as 80 µL sample volume each. No competitor can achieve better than 12 x 100 µL. Plus, you can continue to use your multi-channel pipette. The quartz, 8 and 16 micro-multicells allow full operation in the wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm on the stand alone UV-1800 spectrophotometers.
The micro-multicell holder can be used with the UV-1800 model and a Kinetics 2 program pack. The number of cells to be measured are easily configured. Of course, the Kinetics 2 program pack still supports the standard six cell positioner and CPS-240A cell positioner.
Cell Type8 Micro-Multicell16 Micro-Multicell
Number of Samples8 + Reference Cell16 + Reference Cell
Minimum Sample Volume80 µL80 µL
Path Length10 mm10 mm
Path Width2 mm2 mm
Interval Length Between Wells9 mm (suits an 8 channel pipette)4.5 mm

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.