High Throughput LC Injection System


Automated injection of sample sequences is certainly a key factor in increased laboratory productivity. Today, requirements in a sample injection system include high precision and accuracy, random access to individual samples and task-oriented programming along with options and accessories for additional sample handling routines. In the SIL-5000, the latest electronic and mechanical developments are combined with a unique, stepper motor driven XYZ design. This combination ensures precise sample handling for dependable analysis results.

Syringe-only technology

The syringe-only concept of the SIL-5000 combines the manual sample injection procedure with the precision and throughput of a robotic liquid handling system. Samples are aspirated with a conventional syringe and transferred directly into the sample loop. No error-prone teflon tubing or transfer lines are involved during the sample loading process.

Advanced performance

The SIL-5000 provides outstanding performance and maximum flexibility for your LC sample processing system. The sample capacity of more than 600 2ml standard vials or up to 24 microplates within 80cm of bench space is unmatched in the industry. Temperature-controlled sample storage makes it easy to cool down samples to prevent degradation or heat samples for kinetic studies. Using the optional 4-port or 10-port injection valve enables complex column switching procedures or internal loop configurations.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.