Peristaltic Sipper 160 Series

The following accessories are used to continuously send samples to a sample compartment for measurement. The sipper unit is an accessory that automatically supplies sample solutions in cells using a step motor-driven peristaltic pump.
Sipper TypeRegularWater JacketedMicro
Flow Cell TypeL-TypeC-TypeU-Type
Cell Capacity420 uL410 uL55 uL
Pathlength10 mm10 mm10 mm
Minimum Volume 1 mL 1 mL 0.30 mL
Typical Volume 2 mL 2.5 mL 0.50 mL
Speed of Pump Fast, Medium, SlowFast, Medium, SlowFast, Medium, Slow
Sipping Time 0-64 sec0-64 sec0-64 sec
Purging Time0-64 sec0-64 sec0-64 sec
Dwell Time0 - 99 S0 - 99 S0 - 99 S
Number of Rinses 0 to 4 0 to 4 0 to 4
Carryover 1.2%1.2%1.2%
Manual ModeYesYesYes
Wavelength Range (nm) 200-2600 nm200-2600 nm200-2600 nm
Temp. ControlN/AWater BathN/A
Temp. RangeAmbient5 to 90 Ambient
Software ControlYesYesYes
Sample RecoveryOn or OffOn or OffOn or Off
Power100/220 V100/220 V100/220 V
Catalog Number 206-23790-91 204-07430-03 206-23790-94

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.