Integrated MALDI Imaging
MALDI Imaging Made Simple


  • Reproducible automated matrix delivery directly to the sample surface.
  • Deposition of discrete droplets minimizing diffusion and maintaining localization of components within the tissue.
  • Seamless export of sample location to the Axima™ MALDI mass spectrometer
  • Automated acquisition of MS data – profiling or imaging
  • Visualization of the spatial distribution of components of interest via intensity mapping software.
  • Easy export of data to alternative processing packages, including BioMAP

Axima MALDI Mass Spectrometry - Sensitive and flexible MALDI mass spectrometry, ideal for imaging and profiling experiments.

  • All Axima™ systems can be seamlessly integrated into a tissue imaging/biomarker discovery workflow.
  • A simple stage alignment procedure and highly accurate stage motors ensure that the laser fires precisely on each of the deposited matrix spots - crucial, considering each matrix spot can be < 200 um in diameter! Our advanced laser technology ensures averaged intensities across each print position by roaming within a set print position.
  • A variety of different sample targets and adaptors can be used, including microscope format MALDI targets suitable for clinical applications.
  • Peptides, proteins or small molecules, for example drugs and their metabolites, can be analysed directly from the tissue surface allowing the user to determine the distribution of the target compound within the sample.

Powerful software solutions for interpretation of imaging experiments

  • Data can be visualized using the proprietary Intensity Mapping software functionality.
  • Total ion currents or selected masses (or mass ranges) of interest can be displayed as reconstructed images by means of user definable, colour-coded display options.
  • 2D maps can be generated, providing at-a-glance location and relative abundance information for target masses.
  • The export feature of all Axima™ systems permits the easy transfer of data from the LaunchPad™ instrument software to a wide variety of alternative processing packages, including BioMAP, the widely used platform independent MALDI mass spectrometry imaging software.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.