Trapezium X Universal Testing Software
Intuitive user interface, easy operation, and powerful data processing with advanced functionality

Trapezium X is the most innovative universal testing software package, and common to all Shimadzu universal test frames. Comprehensive features and an intuitive user interface greatly improve testing efficiency. The base single software provides unidirectional testing control while additional modules provide extra functionality.

Additional modules:

  • Cycle Module – for bidirectional testing

  • Control Module – the ability to create any testing profile

  • Texture Analysis Software – dedicated food texture analysis software

  • Concrete Module – concrete testing, for UH-X and UH-FX series

  • Recorder Software – the software acts as a data logger, for UH-X and UH-FX series

Streamlined Method Creation

The intuitive software layout guides users through test method setup, providing effortless creation of testing methods. Frequently-used methods and easily-adapted example methods are shown on the Home Screen to promote single-step testing for improve productivity.

Simplified Data Processing

More than one hundred data processing functions are included for one-click integration. Illustrations and help files explaining the data processing functions are easily accessible. User-defined formulas can be added for custom calculations.

Wide Range of Export Formats

Raw test data is output as Microsoft Excel compatible CSV files. Reports are easily created, customized and output in PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML formats. Exported files can be saved locally or automatically over a network or sent as an email.

User Groups and Levels

Establish up to eight user groups and define user privileges. Groups vary from Administrator, with full access and management privileges, to User, which is limited to test execution and data output permissions. In addition, administrators can customize user accounts’ access to 26 administrative features.

Process Control Function

Utilize statistical process control functions to create XBar-R control charts, cp and cpk values over a certain period.
PC Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 or 10
Type 32 or 64 bit
CPU Intel Pentium 4, 2GHz or higher
Memory 1 GB min.
HDD 80GB or greater
CD-ROM Drive Required for software installation
USB Port 1 port for main frame, other accessories may require additional ports
Display Size 19 inch minimum
Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels minimum
Support Icon Support

Whether it is a simple software-related inquiry or help with method development, Shimadzu offers free phone support for the service life of our instruments.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.