PPSQ-51A/53A Protein Sequencers

Confident Protein/Peptide Sequencing

Simple, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Functions

Specialized protein sequencer software makes it simple to perform the reprocessing of chromatograms, the overlay of multiple chromatograms, and the automatic estimation of amino acid sequences, which are required for sequence analysis.

  • Reprocessing of chromatograms required for data analysis
  • Overlay of multiple chromatograms
  • Automatic estimation of amino acid sequences
Simple, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Functions
  • Chromatogram peak integration, printing, and other processes can be performed on a per-sample basis.
Simple, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Functions
  • Displays multiple chromatograms. Analysis cycles can be updated simply by clicking a button.
  • Window allows easy identification of sequences.
Simple, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Functions
  • Calibrates PTH-amino acid retention times.
  • Retention times can be edited simply by selecting a PTH-amino acid and clicking a peak.
Simple, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Functions
  • Automatically generates a report containing analytical parameters, estimated sequences, yield rates, and other information.

Automatic Sequence Estimation
Sequences are automatically estimated after analysis of each cycle is complete. Up to four candidate amino acids are displayed together with their certainty levels.

Customized Reports
Reports containing information such as analytical parameters, estimated sequences, and yield rates are automatically created.

Yield Graph Display
Initial and repeated yield rates are calculated and displayed in graph form. Amino acids used for calculations can be freely selected.

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