LabSolutions TOC Analysis Software

Software Features Intuitive Operability and a Wealth of Functions

LabSolutions™ TOC PC Software Enabling Simple, Intuitive Operation

LabSolutions TOC Analysis Software


LabSolutions TOC PC Software Improved Data Management Functions (Part 11 Compatibility)

All information, including data, meta data and audit trails, can be managed in a database. This prevents accidental deletion or tampering of files.


Improved Data Management Functions (Part 11 Compatibility)


Integrated Management Through a Network With Other Analytical Instruments in the Laboratory

If an instrument is separated from the main network of analytical instruments, the laboratory administrator must individually explain to the inspector how to manage the data and how to operate it. LabSolutions TOC uses LabSolutions CS, a world-proven data management software, to centrally manage measurement results and audit trails with a common database and user ID across a variety of devices, including LCs and GCs. Lab administrators don't have to manage devices individually.


Integrated Management Through a Network


Report Set Function

For DI compatibility, it is important not only to protect data, but also to ensure the reliability of processes. LabSolutions TOC is equipped with a "Report Set function" that creates a report that links measurement data with related audit trails. By simply and securely reviewing measurement data, it also improves work efficiency.


LabSolutions TOC Software Report Set Function

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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