AG-X Plus Series Universal Electromechanical Test Frames

Superior Performance Test Frames for the Most Demanding Applications

AGS-X Series Universal Electromechanical Test Frames


AG-X Guide Post

Engineered to the Highest Standards

A highly rigid frame is essential for high-accuracy testing results. In addition to ball screws, the AG-X plus series incorporates crosshead guideposts that significantly enhance torsional rigidity, minimizing non-axial loading forces.

Sampling Interval

Ultrafast Sampling Rate

Sampling data every 0.2 msec (5,000 Hz) captures minute changes in test data with greater accuracy.

Strain speed control measurement results

Easy Control of Stress and Strain

Accurate stress and strain control enable ultra-small strain domain modulus of elasticity measurements and, for brittle materials, avoid sample damage at the start of a test.

Load Cell

Accurate, Wide-Range Load Cells

Highly accurate ±0.5% load cells with a wide operating range, from 1/1 to 1/1000 of the maximum capacity, improve testing efficiency by minimizing the need to switch load cells.

Channel Inputs Drop Down List

Multi-Channel Inputs

To meet the growing need for more sensor inputs, the AG-X plus series coupled with Trapezium X Software allows simultaneous acquisition of up to 12 sensor/data channels.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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