AGS-X Series Universal Electromechanical Test Frames

Practical, Versatile Test Frames Adaptable to Countless Applications

AGS-X Series Electromechanical Universal Testers

Testing Machine Configurator



Integrated Operation Panel

Integrated Operation Panel

The operation panel allows development and storage of tensile, compression, and cycle test methods without a computer. Additionally, for 20 kN to 300 kN test frames, the operation panel enables grip actuation and control of the SIE automatic extensometer.

Compression and Tension Fixtures

Quick Test Setup and Exchange

For higher capacity test frames, the use of a single joint for both tension and compression tests makes fixture exchange easy, decreasing setup time and increasing throughput. Furthermore, the wide load cell range of 1/1 to 1/500 reduces the need for load cell switching.

Multi-Purpose Tray

Multi-Purpose Tray for Table-top Models

Table-top models have a large built-in tray, perfect for arranging specimens and taking notes when bench space is limited.

Safety Shield

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Safety functions include emergency-stop buttons, limit switches, and collision detection, all designed for operator peace of mind. In addition, an optional safety shield with interlocks protects operators from debris and limits access while tests are running.

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