EZ-X Series Universal Electromechanical Test Frames

Compact Test Frames, Ideal for a Wide Variety of Evaluation Testing

EZ-SX Short-Stroke Model, EZ-LX Long-Stroke Model - Universal Test Frame

Testing Machine Configurator



Hardware Specifications

Test Frame Range EZ-SX EZ-LX EZ-LX HS
Test Frame Load Capacity Max. 500N (112 lbs) Max. 5kN (1,120 lbs) Max. 2kN (448 lbs)
Crosshead Speed Range 0.001 to 1000 mm/min
(0.00004 to 39 in/min)
0.001 to 2000 mm/min
(0.00004 to 78 in/min)
Crosshead Speed Accuracy Within ±0.1% of test speed
Crosshead Positional Accuracy ±0.1% of indicated value or ±0.01mm, whichever is larger
Test Force Measurement Accuracy High-Accuracy Load Cells Within ± 0.5% of indicated test force (for 1/1 to 1/500 of load cell rated capacity)
Standard-Accuracy Load Cells Within ± 1% of indicated test force (for 1/1 to 1/500 of load cell rated capacity)
Depth of Test Space 100 mm (4 in)
Crosshead-Travel 500 mm (19.5 in) 920 mm (36 in)
Data Capture Travel 1000 Hz
Standard Input/Output Channels – 1 Dedicated load channel
– 1 Digital input/output channel*2
– 1 Control input/output channel *2

See brochure for more details.

Note 1: When the load cell capacity is smaller than the test frame load capacity, the former is the maximum test force.
Note 2: Optional expansion box can be used to increase the number of channels, see brochure for details.

Installation Space

Installation Space Diagram

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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