1 N Clip Grips

1 N Clip Grips

These very low-force 1 N (0.22 lbf) clip grips are for tensile testing fibers, tapes, and other similarly shaped specimens. 1 N clip grips are offered with either leather-coated grip faces or rubber-coated grip faces. Adjustable tensioning nuts are used to regulate the clamping force, ensuring that the sample is secured firmly. They are designed for use with 50 N (11 lbf) and below load cells.

1 N clip grip kits come with upper and lower grips, an S-shaped joint, and two load cell connectors. The load cell connectors supplied with the grips are compatible with Shimadzu’s AGX-V series 50 N and below load cells. Additional connectors are necessary when using the 1 N clip grips with Shimadzu’s AGS-X series and EZ-X series 1 N and 2 N (0.44 lbf) load cells.


Relevant Materials

Yarn, Plastics


Relevant Specimens

Fibers, Tapes


Squeeze the levers on the side of the grips to open the grip faces. Position the sample between the grip faces and release the lever. Check that the sample is held securely in the grip. Adjust the tensioning nut to increase or decrease the clamping force. Repeat this process for the opposing grip.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Size Temperature Range *1 Grip Size Upper Grip Mass Upper Fittings
Lower Grip Ø Fitting (Ø pin)
Width Length Width
Upper/Lower *2
N kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm

0.10 0.22 0 to 0.5
(0 to 0.02)
-10 to 60
(14 to 140)
170 / 150
(6.7 / 5.9)
M12 screw, 1.5 pitch and 4-40UNC 16

Note 1: The operational temperature range of 1 N clip grips is reduced to between 0 and 60°C (32 and 140°F) when rubber-coated grip faces are installed.
Note 2: Upper grip length includes the length of the S-shaped joint.


Dimensions of 1 N Clip Grips


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
1 N Clip Grip Kits *3
Includes: upper and lower 1 N clip grips, an S-shaped joint, and two load cell connectors
343-06705-23 1 N clip grip kit with leather-coated grip faces
343-06705-22 1 N clip grip kit with rubber-coated grip faces

Note 3: Designed for use with 50 N and below load cells.

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