1 kN Henry Scott Grips

1 kN Henry Scott Grips

Henry Scott grips are a simple, economical solutions for testing soft, flexible strips of rubber, plastic and cloth. Specimens are held in place by rollers that feature a self-clamping action. The self-clamping action tightens as the sample is stressed and corrects for thinning experienced with materials such as elastomers. Parallel grooves are machined into the grip base opposite the rollers to securely grasp materials and minimize the likelihood of samples slipping.


Relevant Materials

Rubber, Soft Plastics, Paper, Cloth


Relevant Specimens

Plates, Tapes


While holding the roller away from the grip base, specimens are inserted between the grip base and roller. The sample is routed around the upper and lower rollers and finally secured by placing between the opposing grip base.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Size Temperature Range Grip Size Upper Grip Mass Upper Grip Ø Fitting (Ø pin)
Lower Grip Ø Fitting (Ø pin)
Width Diameter Width
kN kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm
1 100 220 0 to 5
(0 to 0.20)
-70 to 250
(-94 to 482)

Dimensions of 1 kN Henry Scott Grips


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
343-07627-10 1 kN Henry Scott Grip Set
Includes: upper and lower 1 kN Henry Scott grips

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