1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grips for Foil

1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grips for Foil

These 1 kN pneumatic flat grips are designed for tensile testing metal foils. Unique grip features include a very rigid structure, which reduces swivel of the grip faces during testing, and specially shaped flat grip faces. As with all pneumatic grips, these grips allow quick specimen clamping with a repeatable clamping force.

Grip sets include upper and lower grips with flat grip faces. Due to the targeted application for these grips, they accept specimens with narrow thickness, up to 4.5 mm (0.18 in). An air supply is required to operate the grips, which enables the grips to operate with an adjustable air pressure.

Options for controlling the grip’s pneumatic clamping mechanism are: a foot valve unit, an F-type crosshead-linked foot switch, and a hand-operated switching unit. The most common grip operator is Shimadzu’s foot valve unit, which is compatible with all AGX-V series and AGS-X series universal test frames.

Additional items needed for operation:

  • A 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm2, 102 psi) air compressor

Relevant Materials



Relevant Specimens



The rigid structure of the grip face and large gripping space

The rigid structure of the grip face and large gripping space

A clamping force is applied to specimens within the grip faces by operation of a grip controller. Both left and right grip faces apply force simultaneously. The clamping force is held constant and regulated by changing the pressure from the air supply. Constant and regulated clamping will ensure that your sample is secured for the duration of the test without applying excessive force that can damage your sample. The sample is mounted from the large space between the grip body and grip faces. The additional space allows the top of the specimen to be held while closing the grips, enabling better placement of the specimen while maintaining a safe working distance.

Foot Valve Unit

Shimadzu’s foot valve unit is a two-position pneumatic switch with two pedals and a pressure regulator integrated into the back of the unit. Press the pedal once to close the grips and secure the sample. Press the pedal again to open the grips and release the sample

Hand-operated Switching Unit

Hand-operated Switching Unit

Shimadzu’s hand-operated switch utilizes two pneumatic toggle valves. One valve operates the upper grip and the other operates the lower grip. Actuating the switch supplies air pressure to the grips and clamps the sample firmly. Reversing the switch vents the air pressure to open the grips for your next test.

F-type Crosshead-linked Foot Switch

F-type Crosshead-linked Foot Switch

The F-type crosshead-linked foot switch is a two-position electronic switch with two pedals. Press the pedal once to close the grips and secure the sample. Press the pedal again to open the grips and release the sample. Enable the auto start and auto release functions to conduct tests faster and more efficiently.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Size Temperature Range Grip Size Upper Grip Mass
Upper Grip
Ø Fitting      (Ø pin)
Lower Grip
Ø Fitting       (Ø pin)
Width Length    
Upper / Lower
Width Length
Upper / Lower
kN kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm
kg (lb) mm mm
1 100 220 0 to 4.5
(0 to 0.18)
-10 to 180
(14 to 356)
170 / 181
(6.7 / 7.1)

Dimensions of 1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grips for Foil


Ordering Information

Part Number Description

1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grip Set for Foil
Includes: upper and lower grips and specially shaped flat grip faces

Foot valve unit without foot cover
346-59687-02 Foot valve unit with foot cover
346-59687-51 Foot valve cover

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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