50 kN Capstan Grips for Heavy Cloth

50 kN Capstan Grips for Heavy Cloth

Shimadzu’s 50 kN (11,000 lbf) capstan grips are ideal for testing heavy cloths, belts and straps up to 3 mm (0.12 in) thick and 80 mm (3.15 in) wide. The split-drum design firmly holds specimens that tend to slip or tear when using traditional grips. The upper and lower grips incorporate an easy-to-load split-drum and the upper grip has a counterweight attached to align the grips with the loading axis of the test frame.


Relevant Materials

Heavy Cloth


Relevant Specimens



Specimens are inserted between the upper split-drum, wrapped around the upper and lower drums, and fixed between the lower split-drum. Utilize the spring-loaded plunger to open the drum and easily access the grip face. The drums self-tighten as the samples are loaded to ensure that samples remain secured in place.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Width Drum Diameter Temperature Range Grip Size Upper Grip Weight Ø Upper Grip Fitting (Ø pin)
Ø Lower Grip Fitting (Ø pin)
Upper / Lower
kN kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm
50 5,000 11,000 0 to 3
(0 to 0.12)
-10 to 60
(14 to 140)
202 / 212
(8.0 / 8.3)


50 kN Capstan Grips for Heavy Cloth


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50 kN capstan grips for heavy cloth grip set
Includes: upper and lower 50 kN capstan grips for heavy cloth with grooved grip faces

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