500 N Screw Flat Grips for AGS-X Series and EZ-X Series

1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grips for Foil

500 N (110 lbf) screw flat grips are a manually actuated flat grip with smooth grip faces. The grips are designed for low-force applications with small or sub-sized samples. Similar to standard screw flat grips, these grips are versatile and are used for static tensile testing a wide range of materials, including rubbers, plastics, textiles, cloth, and paper, in film form.

These grips are available as a grip set containing upper and lower grips or containing only an upper grip. The upper grip screws directly into the load cell and is compatible with AGS-X series 5 N (1.1 lbf) to 100 N (22 lbf) load cells and EZ-X series 5 N to 500 N load cells. Compatibility with larger-capacity load cells requires additional coupling joints. The lower grip fits into the lower joint of the universal tester.


Relevant Materials

Rubber, Plastics, Textiles, Cloth, and Paper


Relevant Specimens



The rigid structure of the grip face and large gripping space

Grip operation

After placing the specimen between the grip faces, the specimen is clamped by finger tightening the bar handles on each side of the grip. To aid centering of the specimen, the grip body and grip faces include center markers.


Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Size Temperature Range
Grip Size
Upper Grip Mass
Upper Grip Fitting
Lower Grip
Ø Fitting    (Ø pin)
Width Length Width Length Upper/Lower *1
kN kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm
0.5 50 110 0 to 5
(0 to 0.20)
0 to 40
(32 to 104)
58 / 72
(2.3 / 2.8)
M6 screw, 1.0 pitch 16

Note 1: The length of the upper grip is from the bottom of the load cell to the tip of the grip. The lower grip length is from the mounting pin to the tip of the grip.


Dimensions of 1 kN Pneumatic Flat Grips for Foil


Ordering Information

Part Number Description

500 N Screw Flat Grip Set with Flat Grip Faces
Includes: upper and lower grips and flat grip faces

346-51690-01 Upper 500 N screw flat grip with flat grip faces

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