Grips for Plastic Molding Materials

Grips for Plastic Molding Materials

These plastic molding material grips are used for testing plastics with dimensions specified in JIS K6911, plastic molding materials, and JIS K7113 No 3 specimens, as well as those shown in the diagram below.

These grips feature an articulating joint and quick specimen exchange. Simply place your specimens into the recessed cavity and start testing. The articulating joint rotates in one axis to improve alignment of the sample with the loading axis. Grips for plastic molding materials grip sets include upper and lower grips and shim inserts.


Relevant Materials



Relevant Specimens

Grips for Plastic Molding Materials Testing Specimen


Relevant Standards

JIS K6911, JIS K7113


Setting of the grip

Setting of the grip

Specimens are inserted into the recessed cavity through the open front of the grips. The centerline of the specimen is aligned with the centerline of the grip by putting the shim inserts between the specimen and the back plate of the grip. Specimens are supported by the shouldered region of the specimen during testing.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Temperature Range Grip Size Upper Grip Mass Upper Grip Ø Fitting (Ø pin)
Lower Grip Ø Fitting (Ø pin)
kN kgf lbf mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm
20 2,000 4,400 6.5
-10 to 60
(14 to 140)

Dimensions of Grips for Plastic Molding Materials


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
343-21690-10 20 kN Grip Set for Plastic Molding Materials
Includes: upper and lower grips for plastic molding materials and grip inserts

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