Optical Fiber Tensile Jig

Optical Fiber Tensile Jig

Shimadzu’s Optical Fiber Tensile Jig is designed for tensile testing optical fibers and other delicate, brittle fibers less than 1mm (0.039 in) in diameter. The jig includes pneumatically actuated flat grip faces and a large diameter capstan spool. The flat grip faces apply a constant pressure during testing to minimize the likelihood of samples slipping from the grip faces. The large diameter capstan reduces stress on the fiber, lowering the risk of specimen breakage at the chuck. Utilize the spool to load a longer length of optical fibers to improve efficiency and save time.

Additional item needed for operation: External 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm2, 102 psi) air supply.


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Secure one end of optical fiber into the upper grip face and load the capstan spool with a long length of optical fiber. Thread the fiber around the lower capstan spool and secure the loose end in the lower grip face.

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