UH-X and UH-FX Series Universal Hydraulic Test Frames

User-Friendly Test Frames for High-Capacity Applications

UH-X Model, UH-FX Model

Testing Machine Configurator



LCD Touch Panel

Integrated LCD Touch Panel

A 10.4-inch color touch screen, conveniently positioned on the controller unit with an easy-to-operate graphical user interface, plots Stress vs Strain curves in real time, and enables tensile, compression, or cycle testing without a computer. With the use of a USB memory stick, measurement data are automatically saved, enabling further analysis with Trapezium X Testing Software.

Sampling Rate Graph

High Speed Sampling Rate

While connected with Trapezium X, data can be acquired every 1 msec (1,000 Hz), capturing sudden changes in data.

Strain Control Stress Control Graph

Precise Stress and Strain Control

Real-time auto-tuning of control parameters eliminates the need for preliminary testing and enables quick and easy stress- or strain-controlled testing compliant with ISO 6892.

Key Switch and Emergency Stop Button

All-inclusive Safety Measures

A large emergency-stop button, security key switch, and a safety stopper preventing grip face contact keep the operator safe. An optional safety shield provides a greater level of safety by protecting the operator and preventing access to the test space during testing.

Optional Dial Indicator

Optional Indicator

The optional dial indicator provides another choice for monitoring test progress and includes a large analog test force indicator superimposed with digital test force and peak force indicators.

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