EDX-LE Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Simple, High-speed RoHS/ELV Screening

Detector requires no liquid nitrogen to reduce running costs

Receiving inspections and other screening for pass/fail evaluation of the harmful element content against control value standards in numerous products require higher operation efficiency and lower running costs in the workplace.? EDX-LE meets all these requirements.

Detector requires no liquid nitrogen

Automatic Aging

As the detector requires no cooling by liquid nitrogen, running costs are significantly reduced.

X-ray tube automatic aging
Aging to extend the service life of the X-ray tube is an essential instrument management process. X-ray tube aging is performed automatically when the instrument is restarted after a long period. This improves operation and prevents breakdowns.

Pre-measurement instrument checks

Instrument Check Window

Instrument Check Window

Instrument calibration is required to obtain stable analysis results. However, the calibration operations and evaluation should be as quick as possible. EDX-LE supports an energy check and quantitation value check on start-up. Calibration is performed automatically, if required.

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