Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Classes

Since its first bench-top gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) was sold in 1979, Shimadzu has been a leader in design innovations, such as our front access ion source, high efficiency ion optics, 20,000 u/second scan speed, and post-quadrupole focusing lenses. Together, these innovations provide unparalleled instrument performance and simplified operation and maintenance. With the addition of the GCMS-TQ8040 triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS, Shimadzu offers a comprehensive series of GC/MS and GC/MS/MS instruments for every application.

Available Classes:

GCMS-101: GCMS QP-Series User Basics
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GCMS-150: GCMS-TQ8040/8050
09/11/2018 - 09/13/2018   Register >>

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GCMS-101: GCMS QP-Series User Basics

This course introduces the basic principles behind GCMS in addition to Shimadzu’s GCMS hardware, and GCMSsolutions software. Students will learn to perform and evaluate an auto tune while also learning to build GCMS methods for instrument control and data processing. Students will analyze samples and standards using the created methods combined with processing the GCMS data. The course also covers the most basic forms of GCMS troubleshooting and maintenance.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of chromatography and mass spectrometry

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GCMS-150: GCMS-TQ8040/8050

This course is an intermediate GCMS course that introduces the basic operation of Shimadzu GCMS- triple quadrupole (TQ) series. The course explores various analytical chemistry applications and involves the development of TQ instrument methods. The class is divided both into in class lectures and practical laboratory exercises. However, the core of the course is focused more on practical aspects of MRM method development that includes the use of Creation of Automatic SIM or MRM table (COAST) to develop product ion scans (PD), MRM optimization tool to optimize transition ions and setting instrument acquisition conditions as a way to improve a MRM method.

Prerequisites: Basis knowledge of single quadrupole GCMS as demonstrated on passing the GCMS user basics course.

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