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Webinar - Thermal Desorption GCMS: Supporting your Arson Analysis

Tuesday, November 26th

GCMS Webinar
Join us Tuesday November 26th for our first Forensics Webinar! We will be covering the rapidly growing field of Arson as it pertains to TD-GCMS.
Come and learn everything you need to know regarding Arson, and Fire Debris and how Shimadzu GCMS paired with thermal desorption will burn through the competition!
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Webinar - An Introduction to Light Emission Spectroscopy, with a focus on Fluorescence: Theory and Materials Characterization Applications

Thursday, December 12, 2019

This webcast will consist of two parts. Part 1 will start off with a basic introduction to luminescence terminology and electronic theory. Particular attention will be given to photoluminescence, both fluorescence and phosphorescence. The webcast will then look at how molecular structure relates to spectral properties. Since all types of photoluminescence are sensitive to environmental conditions, we will consider how solvent properties, such as concentration, pH, and polarity, impact the photoluminescence spectrum. Part one will conclude with a summary on how fluorescence instruments function.

Part 2 will discuss several important materials characterization applications. Under consideration first is correcting for the “instrumental artifact” inherent in all fluorescence instrumentation. Spectral correction is critical for accurate quantum yield measurements. The webcast will discuss both relative and absolute quantum yield measurement methods and their applications. To conclude the webcast the techniques of three-dimensional data acquisition and synchronous scanning will be discussed. Particular attention will be given to how these two different techniques relate to each other and how they can be properly employed and interpreted.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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