AAIC 2022 - Alzheimer's Association International Conference

July 31 - August 4 | San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, CA | Booth #206 


Alzheimer's Association International Conference

Discover our innovative platforms and proven solutions for clinical research

Shimadzu is a global leader in developing clinical research solutions with technology developments that enable new drug discovery and development guidance. Shimadzu offers a wide variety of chromatography and mass spectrometry-based platforms for everything from reproducible biomarker discovery to robust, routine assays.

Visit us at booth #206 to learn more about our Amyloid MS Service - a simple, low-cost blood analysis service for early screening of amyloid-positive subjects for drug discovery and development. This method enables early and accurate prediction of amyloid deposition in the brain with an easy-to-acquire blood sample. Unlike conventional methods, Shimadzu’s new analysis is minimally invasive, cost effective and suitable for large-scale deployment.


Relevance of plasma biomarkers to imaging biomarkers

Poster #65701

Authors: Akinori Nakamura, MD, PhD, Takahiko Tokuda, MD, PhD, Naoki Kaneko, PhD, Takashi Kato, MD, PhD, Harutsugu Tatebe, PhD, Takashi Nihashi, MD, PhD,
Keita Sakurai, MD, PhD, Akinori Takeda, MD, PhD, Yutaka Arahata, MD, PhD, Kengo Ito, MD, PhD, and BATON study group

High concordance between plasma amyloid β biomarkers by IP-MALDI-MS and visual assessment of amyloid PET

Poster #66479

Authors: Naoki Kaneko, Akinori Nakamura, Ritsuko Yoda, Takashi Kato, Sadanori Sekiya, Kengo Ito, Shinichi Iwamoto, Koichi Tanaka

ADAMTS4 as an enzyme cleaving at APP669 site

Poster #66492

Authors: Naoki Kaneko, Miyabishara Yokoyama, Kentaro Ikemura, Masaya Matsuzaki, Gabriel Opoku, Akihito Korenaga, Sadanori Sekiya, Shinichi Iwamoto, Satoshi Hirohata, Koichi Tanaka, Taisuke Tomita