Shimadzu's New Nexera Mikros Microflow LC-MS/MS System Balances High Sensitivity with Ruggedness and Elegance of Design


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the Nexera Mikros Microflow Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry System. Covering the complete range from microflow to semi-microflow, this system allows operators to realize high sensitivity, yet with the reliability and ruggedness of HPLC.

System configuration options include a direct injection system for sample volume-limited analyses for rapid and highly sensitive micro LCMS analysis without sample loss. A trap and elute system is available for analyses with larger injection volumes or when some degree of sample cleanup is desirable. A make-up flow system includes the addition of a post-column make-up flow pump, allowing mobile phase modifiers to be added to ensure the highest ionization efficiency in the MS source.

Shimadzu’s Nexera Mikros is elegant in design and easy to use. The system’s UF-Link allows operators to correctly and easily connect any microflow column. The UF-Link ensures a zero-dead volume connection every time. The innovative LC-Mikros pump provides a wide range of flows from micro (0.1 μL/min) to semi-micro (500 μL/min) in both isocratic and gradient elution modes.

The SIL-30AC autosampler provides excellent accuracy, reproducibility, and ultra-low carry-over. It also offers a trap-and-elute function for higher sample volumes and stronger sample matrices. The newly developed programmable loop cut-off mechanism minimizes system volume and gradient delay. The sample loop is taken off-line after injection, minimizing microflow analysis run times.

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