Shimadzu's New Dynamic Particle Image Analysis System Performs Comprehensive Particle Characterization in a Compact Design

iSpect DIA-10 Dynamic Image Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the iSpect DIA-10 dynamic particle image analysis system, which performs particle imaging, size analysis, and foreign object detection, and obtains size distributions and number concentration, in as little as two minutes.

The iSpect DIA-10 creates a user-friendly environment by automating processes such as pump operation and particle imaging according to the analysis conditions selected. Results are obtained in three easy steps. The user sets their sample, selects their analysis conditions, and sets their data output. Particle images are simultaneously monitored and measured in real time while the sample flows through the unit. An autofocus function maximizes productivity by eliminating variation between operators.

The system utilizes a microcell that increases image acquisition efficiency by passing particles through a narrow imaging area. Fewer particles pass outside of the lateral imaging area, making it possible to reliably detect particles and obtain repeatable number concentration. In addition, the system acquires clear particle images independent of depth perception, enabling highly accurate foreign object detection and number concentration measurements.

The iSpect DIA-10 only requires a sample size as small as 50 μL which makes it ideal for trace sample analysis. The small amount of sample and solvent for measurement and cleaning as well as its compact design makes the system a cost effective and environmentally-friendly option for any lab.

The iSpect DIA-10 can be used for applications related to paints, pharmaceuticals, lithium-ion batteries, cellulose nanofibers, and metal powders for 3D printers. The technique may also be used to identify microplastics in water, an emerging field of study due to the adverse effects of microplastics on the human body and the environment.