Shimadzu’s New Fraction Collector FRC-40 for HPLC Sets New Benchmarks in Preparative Scale Fractionation

Fraction Collector FRC-40 for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the new Fraction Collector FRC-40 for high-performance liquid chromatography, which significantly advances preparative scale fractionation. The FRC-40 sets new benchmarks in purification workflow, providing simplified purification procedures and efficient use of bench space.

The FRC-40 incorporates improved fraction simulation to ensure pure fractions. Operators simply select the peaks of interest, and the software dynamically configures parameters that will collect them. Users can easily change system parameters, such as the pump flow rate and detector settings, during analysis to maximize efficiency. This feature allows the analyst to make decisions in real time based on the chromatography and reduces the potential of wasting valuable sample. Up to four-channel acquisition ensures that operators can use multiple detectors simultaneously.

The versatile FRC-40 is compatible with a variety of MTPs, vials, test tubes and bottles. Users can select the fraction size that best fits their analysis, maximizing the number of fractions they can collect. Racks are specified through the software, allowing multiple users to collect fractions without the risk of cross-contamination or mix-up. The open access design of the FRC-40 allows racks to be removed and replaced during analysis, enabling multiple purifications to take place using a single HPLC system. In addition, an innovative sample rescue function minimizes sample loss when errors occur.

The instrument’s footprint accommodates the maximum number of fractions in the minimum amount of space—up to 3,240 fractions when using six FRC-40s with 10 mm tubes. Operators can achieve space savings of up to 50% compared to competing products. Users can customize collection capacity to their needs because they can multiplex up to six FRC-40 units on a single HPLC system.