Shimadzu’s New AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler Dramatically Improves GC/MS Analysis Productivity


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) introduces the AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler to enable multiple GC/MS sample injection methods in one device. The AOC-6000 Plus Autosampler improves GC/MS analysis productivity because operators can perform liquid sample, headspace, solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection, and many more techniques all in one device. It also features a tool-switching function that enables users to automatically swap all syringe tools for various injection methods installed on the park station.

The AOC-6000 Plus Autosampler increases data reliability by recording syringe and fiber usage history on a chip. Automated sample adjustment also reduces operator input and contributes to analysis accuracy.

The advanced concentration technology enables high-sensitivity analysis. Compared to previous SPME methods, the SPME Arrow achieves enhanced sensitivity and durability. The ITEX DHS (In-tube Extraction Dynamic Headspace) offers higher sensitivity compared with previous HS.

The AOC-6000 Plus is powered by integrated software for either GC or GC/MS, enabling easy analysis accuracy control because autosampler and instrument analysis conditions are stored with the measured data. An overlap function heightens the efficiency of continuous analyses.