New Ultra-Fast Nexera QX Multiplex LC-MS/MS System Multiplies Sample Throughput to Maximize Productivity






Ultrafast Multiplex LCMS System - Nexera QX

Ultrafast Multiplex LCMS System

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the Nexera QX Multiplex LC-MS/MS System that uses multiple, alternating sample introduction streams for continuous operation of the mass spectrometer to significantly increase laboratory throughput and profitability.

Nexera QX Multiple Stream technology eliminates waiting for column equilibration and system flushing. Nexera SIL-40 UHPLC autosamplers, stream-dedicated injection valves and washing pumps deliver ultra-fast performance with ultra-low carryover.

The Nexera QX System adds multiple injection valves to the Nexera SIL-40 series autosampler, the industry standard for fast and clean injections. It also intelligently controls dedicated Nexera UHPLC pumps to automate flow line rinsing of each analytical stream to mitigate carryover from extreme samples.

Newly developed QX Solution software provides an automated single point of control for multiple UHPLC streams and the mass spectrometer for a multiplexed workflow. QX Solution simplifies valve switching, gradient control and injection timing and can execute automatic flushing from dedicated pumps to reduce autosampler and column carryover to a minimum. Specifically designed for the high-throughput laboratory, the system features the easy import of spreadsheet sample batches.

The Nexera QX system delivers industry-leading robustness, sensitivity and detection speeds with Shimadzu’s most powerful tandem mass spectrometer, the LCMS-8060NX triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

The new IonFocus electrospray unit and newly designed ion guides deliver robust operation through reduced matrix effects and less contamination inside the instrument. This results in maximized uptime, superior data quality, and a more efficient analytical workflow.