New Easy-to-Use, Space-Saving Autoinjector/Autosampler for Gas Chromatography Provides Fast, Reliable Results


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the AOC-30 Series Autoinjector/Autosampler, designed to enable gas chromatography (GC) users to produce high-quality results with less downtime. Key features of the user-friendly AOC-30 include reliable automatic and remote operation, space-saving design, and a built-in list of expertly curated injection methods.

The AOC-30 automatic sample injection system automates analysis, reduces an operator's workload, and enables continuous analysis with a high degree of accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual operation. Shimadzu's unique injection method achieves high reproducibility, while preventing septum damage and liner contamination. The structure of Shimadzu's Xtra Life Inlet Septa results in excellent injection durability and enables continuous analysis that is approximately ten times that of conventional systems – up to 1000 injections before replacement.

Advanced sample washing functionality provides continuous analysis without the worry of running out of solvent. Four 4-mL vials (up to 11.2 mL) can be used in a single tower, and twelve 4-mL vials (up to 33.6 mL) can be used with the full tower and sampler system. Users can customize cleaning solvent types and cleaning sequences to optimize the cleaning effect for each analysis.

When combined with Shimadzu’s Nexis™ GC-2030, the AOC-30 single tower/sampler offers a space-saving design with system widths of just 553mm/851 mm to maximize lab space use. The single tower system provides automated analysis of up to 30 samples, covering a wide range of analysis needs. Additional sample tower and/or samplers can be added to increase analysis capacity and flexibility. To save lab space, the housing structure is designed to make the installation area and the sampler as compact as possible, even as the system expands. Installing two AOC-30 systems on one GC enables analysis of up to 60 samples. This saves space by eliminating the need for two GCs and doubles analysis throughput.

The new built-in Sampler Navigator, powered by Analytical Intelligence, reduces the guesswork by letting users choose from a carefully curated list of optimized injection methods, prepared by experts in gas chromatography. Analysts simply enter the injection volume and solvent type and choose a preset, which can be finetuned for a more optimal sequence.

The AOC-30 overlap feature allows users to initiate preprocessing operations for the next sample injection at specified times, such as during or after GC analysis. The pre-treatment operation immediately before sample loading/injection is overlapped to increase throughput during continuous analysis. To prevent errors, the AOC-30 is also equipped with a transmissive vial sensor that can detect the presence or absence of vials.