New Nexera™ XS inert UHPLC System Eliminates Challenges of High-Concentration Mobile Phases to Achieve High Sensitivity and Reliability


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the Nexera™ XS inert Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC), which eliminates the risk of adsorption or corrosion by high-concentration mobile phases. Providing the same expandability and superior performance advantages of the Nexera Series of Modular UHPLC/HPLC Systems, the Nexera XS inert provides a solution for challenges with adsorption that compromise quantitative accuracy, sensitivity, or separation and mobile phases that cause system durability problems.

Using unique proprietary technology, the Nexera XS inert system minimizes exposure to metal ions at all surfaces in contact with mobile phases or sample solutions. This reduces sample losses and enables excellent sensitivity. Analysts can acquire highly reliable data from compounds prone to metal adsorption with high reproducibility. The system also improves peak shape and achieves outstanding chromatographic separation. In addition to inhibiting adsorption from metal ions, the system provides excellent resistance to mobile phases that contain high concentration of acids or salts used to improve separation.

All valves used in Nexera XS inert systems are designed to inhibit metal adsorption. That ensures worry-free switching between multiple columns for method development or for trap-and-elute analysis without adsorption concerns. The optional pHM-40 online pH meter continuously monitors the pH level of mobile phases to identify any changes in real time.

The Nexera XS inert system also features easy tool-free tubing connections with unique finger-tightened fittings. They can achieve joints with up to 105 MPa of pressure capacity by finger-tightening and without creating any dead volume.

The dedicated LabSolutions Insight™ Software for LC/MS data analysis features functionality carefully selected to provide powerful support for multiple-component and multi-sample data analysis, such as flagging, filtering and peak comparison. For more advanced analysis, the Nexera XS inert system can be used with Analytical Intelligence technology for automatic analysis.