Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Extends HQ Campus with Building Acquisition


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is pleased to announce the next phase in their planned expansion with the procurement of additional facilities at their headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. The purchase of a new two-story building has been finalized, bringing the campus to a total of three separate properties.

SSI is a leader in the scientific instrumentation space, working with companies in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, energy, forensics, and more. The new building is part of a multi-year growth plan. As the company continues to diversify and scale its operations, the additional space will accommodate a growing team while making room for investments in expanding capabilities.

“There is no doubt we are embarking upon a new era here at Shimadzu,” explains Yoshiaki Maeda, President at SSI. “This new building gives us the opportunity to focus on application development while providing a comfortable work environment for our employees where they can better collaborate with customers.”

The new building will be used by managerial and operational staff. The original buildings will house extended and enhanced lab space – including the Innovation Center and the Applications Development Center – along with the marketing department, warehouse, and more.

This new division of space should streamline processes and make the workplace far more productive. The expansion will also allow SSI to relocate its Mid-Atlantic Regional office to its original place at headquarters.

“We are poised to take off as a leader in the analytical instrumentation industry,” continues Maeda. “To do that we must have the best facilities to attract top talent.”

Renovations are currently underway. The company plans to transition the workforce into the new buildings by the end of summer 2022.