New One-Of-A-Kind AIRsight™ Infrared/Raman Microscope Enables Acquisition of Complementary Molecular Information


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the AIRsight™ Infrared/Raman Microscope that provides a two-in-one solution for molecular analysis. This unique system is equipped with a Raman unit available on Shimadzu’s AIMsight infrared microscope and compatible with the IRTracer-100 and IRXross Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers.

The AIRsight Infrared/Raman Microscope improves analytical efficiency by making it easy to perform all process steps, from sample observation to data analysis. The instrument also increases accuracy because users can obtain qualitative infrared and Raman spectra at the same position without moving samples on the same stage by simply switching lenses. The system incorporates Shimadzu’s proprietary wide-view camera and microscope camera for infrared measurements and objective lens for Raman measurements. The wide-view camera shares positional information with the microscope camera and objective lenses.

AMsolution software includes measurement and analysis programs. The measurement software controls both infrared and Raman measurements via the same window so users can smoothly perform all processes, from image acquisition to measuring infrared and Raman spectra. The analysis software can also overlay and search infrared and Raman spectra. Operators can obtain information about both organic and inorganic substances from the same location, which can significantly improve the accuracy of qualitative analysis. In addition, this system saves valuable laboratory space because only one instrument is needed to perform infrared and Raman measurements.

The AIRsight Infrared/Raman Microscope is equipped with a standard extensive selection of libraries, including proprietary Shimadzu libraries and libraries for substances ranging from typical reagents to macromolecules. Optional software, accessories and libraries are also available.